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Our managed operations helps you save time, money and effort. Now you can have better control on time, save on hiring and training costs and increase the efficiency and efficacy of your business by letting the experts manage it for you.

We simplify your back office operations across the entire spectrum of accounting services, that allow you to focus on your business.

Save costs

We streamline your payroll so you only pay for what you need. By outsourcing your payroll to us, you can spend more time focusing on your core business.

Save time

Instead of spending hours on manual data entry and double checking numbers, your HR professionals can focus time and resources on strategy and other critical activities that increase efficiency and productivity.

Our comprehensive managed operations - Accounting & Bookkeeping helps you to:


Full Control of Staff - We recruit your team, provide them with all necessary tools. They work for you and you will have full control of the staff.


Your Policies - We can adapt to your company policies, procedures processes & compliance regulations.


Cost reduction - Huge reduction of your service costs to your clients which strengthens your competitive position


Growth Reinvest - Money saved could be reinvested to improve your processes and in bringing new clients


Increased Output - MWe will enable you to increase your output capacity without need of large capital as an investments, office space, IT assets.

Our Managed Operations helps you save time, money and effort with an expert, well-trained and professional support staff who take care of all your back office operations.

We make accounting and bookkeeping affordable

Knowing your cashflow situation makes managing your business far easier.
Let us help you keep track of your cash

At Bhruth we make the expensive affordable through use of technology and highly trained professionals who understand accounting principles inside out. You will love our Accounting and Bookkeeping managed operations for what it is-compliancy, affordability, accessibility, safety and profitability.

Features of our
Managed Operations

We provide you with the right set of services and expertise to manage IT and operations enabling better business agility, scalability and continuity.

Exceptional performance

We make sure you get the right application managed by the right expert. You get technology deployed on an infrastructure that has been tuned specifically for your solution.

Saves on investment

One does not need to spend extra on developing infrastructure. When the work is outsource, the partner who takes over the out sourced work, make necessary infrastructural changes

Reduced capital costs

We deploys applications as a series of small modular services that run unique processes and communicate through lightweight protocols leads to reduce capital costs.

Lower operational costs

Instead of relying on technology, it might be prudent to shift responsibility of certain business practices to another business or consultant. One area that seems to benefit the most from outsourcing is advertising and marketing.

Security, Reliability

If one desires to outsource ones work and functions to other partners. Then one should have a strong and rational security policy for backup. Security policies should take care of data classification, which can differentiate between sensitive and common data.

Fast implementation

We enables, quick and fast development of ideas into concepts, and also helps in faster delivery of the products, ideas and concepts into the competitive market.

Our Pricing

Our's monthly pricing is based on how many functions you need to start your work. If you ready to use our managed operations for a long time you can choose yearly plan and save some money.

Monthly Yearly


This is the basic plan for getting started and growing your business.

$ 200

$ 100

$ 9 billed monthly

Save 10%

Maintain employee records

Maintaining record books

50 users

email support

online receipt storage

24/7 Customer support

Select plan


For brand and agency teams that work with a large and growing number of influencers.

$ 400

$ 200

$ 19 billed monthly

Save 15%

Maintain employee records

Maintaining record books

Unlimited users

mail & phone support

online receipt storage

24/7 Customer support

Select plan


For agencies and brands with custom options and expert management.

$ 800

$ 400

$ 39 billed monthly

Save 20%

Maintain employee records

Maintaining record books

Unlimited users

mail & phone support

online receipt storage

24/7 Customer support

Select plan

We had plans, from free to paid, that scale with your needs. Subscribe to a plan that fits the size of your business.

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